Return Of The 90’s – Comeback Brands

Not going to lie, I am a HUGE fan of a comeback. Anything from clothing to make up looks a retro vibe is always a winner with me. I am pretty buzzed that 90’s clothing seems to be one of the big trends in 2018, we all like to read those relatable Buzzfeed ’20 things you will recognise if you were born in the *insert your decade*’ don’t we?

In recent years I can say the most memorable comeback were jelly shoes for adults. Chokers are now everywhere! Skinny Jeans have been pushed to one side to make way for mom jeans. Going on to branding, brands that you thought had disappeared without a trace somehow have been popping up almost everywhere and 2018 is definitely the year of the comeback.

FILA has never truly gone away but definitely lay low in the background for a long time before resurfacing a couple of years ago appearing in JD sports.

Tommy Hilfiger absolutely screams 90’s vibes. Again the brand has never really been gone for good but it has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Definitely a celebrity favorite of recent years it is definitely a comeback that is here to stay.

Umbro x Missguided – need I say more. An absolutely huge collaboration for a brand that, to me, did not arrive in the millennium. Umbro has definitely jumped on the comeback bandwagon but who can blame them. Spotted casually on Bella Hadid and Justin Beiber.

Kappa is being sold everywhere right now, from Urban Outfitters to JD Sports and Missguided which are some huge names in the UK fashion market. There is no denying that Kappa was a huge brand but it struggled to keep up amongst the other brands like Nike and Adidas dominating sportswear later in the 90’s.

Reebok classics were literally a classic if you grew up in the 90’s with everyone and their mum owning a pair. The brand has been quietly moving along with the time but for the past couple of years has definitely grown back into the mainstream market. Including the Reebok Classic.

What is your favorite retro comeback?


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