Beat The January Blues And Book That Holiday – A Guide To Gran Canaria?*

Soooo it’s January, the Monday of months. It’s that time of year when there is nothing left to look forward to (a bit dramatic but you get what I mean?) And the thought of holidays start to creep in. I’m looking at holidays for 2018 already so I thought I’d give you all a bit of holiday inspo and take you back to my last beach holiday at Gran Canaria.

Where is Gran Canaria? Gran Canaria is the third largest island which makes up part of the Canary Islands.

Who should visit? Gran Canaria has something for everyone. There is some hustle and bustle and nightlife for couples or groups of friends, but also a quieter, more reserved side for older visitors. There is also a huge amount of entertainment for families of all ages.

When I visited Gran Canaria I stayed in the area of Playa De Ingles. There is only one airport in Gran Canaria so it is worth keeping that in mind when booking a hotel, to check the transfer times. I also went in August (for my birthday) and the temperature varied from between 27°C and 34°C at the peak temperature of the day. Travel around the island is cheap and really easily accessible so you can get from one side to the other without breaking the bank.

Where to go and What to do?

The Yumbo Centre – The Yumbo Centre is in the centre of Playa De Ingles. In the day it’s good for tourist shopping and food, and at night it’s a great place to go for cocktails. There are also arcades open day and night.

Beaches – There were two beaches I visited while in Gran Canaria. The ones in the areas of Maspalomas and Playa De Ingles. Both beaches are very big and extremely clean and family friendly. The Beach in Maspalomas is in the centre of that area meaning its great for a short break and a very short distance from shops and bars whereas the beach at Playa De Ingles is more out of the way so somewhere you can take yourself away for the day but also easily accessible.

Holiday World – At Maspalomas, this activity centre is great for families, couples, and groups of friends which is open day and night. It includes indoor fun like bowling and arcades and an outdoor fun fair, along with a restaurant area for food and drinks and much more.

Spirit Of The Sea Dolphin and Whale Watching – This is a boat tour that leaves from the quieter area of Peurto Rico and takes you on a 3 hour round trip with a guarantee of seeing dolphins in the open water. There is also a possibility of seeing a whale (which I did!)

Moonlight Cinema – This is a great night time activity in Gran Canaria. Again in Maspalomas its easy to find and among the best-branded shops in the whole of Gran Canaria the Moonlight outdoor cinema is a great place for evening entertainment. Along with the film, you can order food and cocktails to your seat.

I hope this helped if you weren’t quite sure where to visit or just need some holiday inspiration! If you are looking to book click here to browse the holidays to Gran Canaria and for more information. If you have any questions give me a shout on Twitter or Instagram @tiffanysblogs_ and I’ll be happy to answer any questions!

(*Post in collaboration with Holiday Gems)


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  1. January 24, 2018 / 12:53 pm

    I went to Gran Canaria a few years back, I absolutely loved it! The nightlife is so good. I never knew there was a moonlight cinema though, definitely would go back for that!

    Yasmin Rebecca
    The Sweet Seven Five

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