What Is Secret Scent Box!? Discount Code Included*

Before I start this is one of my favourite collaborations to date since I started blogging. Just saying.

So what is Secret Scent box? 

Secret Scent Box is a monthly subscription box providing you with 1 months supply of branded fragrances, in the form of 3 different fragrances individually packaged (3 x 3ml of fragrance) Allowing you to try and discover new brands of popular fragrances for £15 per month, including FREE postage and packaging.

What did I get?

As the boxes are different every month it’s a total surprise in terms of what may be included. The contents of my box were…

  • FCUK – Late Night. A woody and citrus perfume with a light and feminine aroma compromising of fruity and floral accords that create a dynamic fragrance for her.
  • Ralph Lauren – Love. This floral gourmand fragrance is a delicious and addictive scent for the light-hearted and lively spirit. The perfect choice for a playful date.
  • Prada – La Femme Intense. A sultry, almost oriental quality which exudes a heady sensuality.

How did I get on with each one?

Ralph Lauren – I found this to be really fresh and girly which is the kind of scent I like for every day. It’s quite similar to a few I have used before but a stronger scent which lasted really well. I would definitely categorise this as a summer scent.

FCUK – This was really nice, as its described above it has a citrus scent and I hate to compare but it really reminds me of one of my favourite perfumes, Moschino – I Love Love. As this wasn’t extremely intense it would be great for everyday use.

Prada – This scent was very strong and wasn’t really the kind of perfume I would go for. It’s described as intense and I would totally agree with this, It was better once it has settled a little and I can imagine it as one of those fragrances that you spray on an item of clothing, like a scarf, and you can smell it again the next time you use it.

What are my thoughts?

I absolutely love the idea of the Secret Scent Box. I personally love switching up my perfumes all of the time and currently have about 8 on my shelf, I always get tempted to buy more but feel like I need to use some of the ones I already have so, in my opinion, this is a perfect way to try new scents without breaking the bank. Also although it says they last 30 days with 4 sprays per day, you don’t really need the full 4 sprays everyday, which means you can use more sprays on occasions where you would prefer a long-lasting scent or they will simply last you longer than the expected 30 days, which either way is win-win.

How am I going to use them?

Although they can be used them day-to-day from home, personally I think I am going to use these for when I go away because I hate taking heavy glass bottles away with me but also don’t like going away without any scent at all. I also think they are perfect for nights out to pop in your bag as they are so small and will take up no room at all.

Anything else?

  • The scent boxes can be purchased for male and female scents
  • Can be cancelled at anytime
  • The packaging is letterbox friendly so you will never miss a delivery
  • All scents are 100% authentic
  • Free delivery to the UK and Europe

If you want to sign up to the Secret Scent box click here and use code TIFFANYSBLOG15 at the checkout for a special discount.

What are your thoughts on The Secret Scent Box?



  1. Yasmin
    January 17, 2018 / 10:00 pm

    This is a lush idea! I’ve never heard of secret scent box but I rarely venture to discover new perfumes so this is such a good idea – thanks for sharing x

    Yasmin x
    The Sweet Seven Five

  2. March 22, 2018 / 5:06 pm

    Oh this is pretty dope! Reminds me of scentbird, which allows you to try any scent for a subscription of $14.95 I believe a month. This one seems like a bargain though!

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