How To Save That Cash – Online Clothes Shopping

Online shopping for clothes can be extremely expensive especially for me who is on the lookout for new items 24/7. I know I’m not the only one though, so decided to share some of my tips if you are on a budget – or just like to get more for your money!

Shop out of season – This is simple but really effective. The best way to save a lot of money is to shop out of the season. So, for instance, it’s currently October 2017 and most people will be thinking scarfs, coats and boots. Howwwever…at this time of year the summer sale continues.

It can sometimes feel a bit weird shopping like this, however, If you know you have a beach holiday planned next year you might as well buy them now while everything is significantly reduced. This works the same, the opposite way around, so shopping for autumn/winter at the end of that season or the beginning of the next one – so spring, works the same. Also the further out of the season you are shopping for the lower the prices get. It’s not something I do all the time however when I have, I have thanked myself later.

Google Compare – As we know google is the answer to everything, even comparing clothing prices! This is the easiest and quickest tip I have. This does only really work for branded clothing, so ill give you an example.

If you are looking to get a specific pair of trainers but aren’t willing to pay the price you see, type the name into google. For example ‘Old Skool Vans’ then search. At the top, there is a tab which says ‘Shopping’ Click on this tab and it will bring up the product you are looking for from lots of different online stores.

Here you can either filter at the top left which gives you some options to narrow down your search. Or you can simply click on the product you want and there will be an option on this product ‘Compare prices’ If you then click this it brings up a list of online stores that sell that specific product and the range of prices. This is super quick, easy and allows you to compare a good range of online shops.

Shoptagr App – This app is revolutionary! (no joke) Basically, the app allows you to add any item of clothing from any clothing site direct from your phone/tablet/laptop on to the Shoptagr app, I like this for two reasons. Reason 1 – The purpose of the app is that it notifies you when an item you have saved goes down in price! The answer to all of my prayers.

Reason 2 – You can compare a number of different clothing sites on one app. So if there are similar items you are looking to purchase you can compare them all in one space once you have saved them to the Shoptagr app.

Discount codes – Of course, discount codes are a great way to reduce the amount you spend on online clothes shopping. The easiest way I have found to use discount codes are either check back in with the website regularly to check when they have an offer or download the app to your phone and allow notifications, that way you always get them quickly and directly to your phone so you don’t miss out.

Put it on your wishlist – I do this alllll of the time. I literally stick everything I like in my wishlist on any of my clothing apps. For a couple of reasons, you can compare similar products and prices to see which is the best value for money. But also when the prices drops it will be on your wishlist ready to buy at a lower price.

The only thing with this is, you have no way of knowing when it will go down in price but if you don’t like the sound of the Shoptagr app its an alternative way of watching the price of your favourite pieces.

Do you have any tips? Let me know!



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