Why I Stopped Using The Loreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water

Another day, another ‘Instagram made me buy it’ Instagram is definitely my favourite social media platform so daily I lust over the latest beauty, skincare and fashion. Highstreet/Drug store skin care is big must for me. I have combination skin which is also sensitive so I find it difficult to find skincare that suits me well as you can imagine, so expensive skin care is usually a no no for me apart from on occasion.

Scrolling through Instagram I saw the Loreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water moisturiser, time and time and TIME again. It was probably the most seen product on my feed for a good few weeks not that it took me that long to decide I wanted to buy it.

Firstly the packaging is GOALS. I love the colour of the bottle. One of my favourite foundations is the Loreal True Match and the bottle for the moisturiser is exactly the same just a longer bottle. Secondly the comments, from not only the people posting the photos but their followers too, saying how good the product was and how much they had loved using it were too good to ignore.

I was totally sold by Instagram reviews alone so I decided to make a conscious purchase in my local Boots. I hadn’t looked at any reviews apart from what people had said on Instagram, and I had no idea how much it cost although I think I remember some people saying it was a decent price or a bargain but I wasn’t sure what price range it was in. I was really pleasantly surprised when I did go in to purchase as the size you get is a 70 ml bottle, the usual price is £9.99 but it was also on offer for a third off which I thought was amazing.

The details on the Boots website:

The Liquid Care; Fresh as water hydrating as a cream.
Locks in Moisture for 72hrs. Enriched with Aloe Water & Hyaluronic Acid. Instantly Refreshes.
Immediately absorbed, the water-like texture rehydrates and reinvigorates the skin.
The forumla penetrates deelpy for a healthy-looking glow
It releases continuous hydration and drenches the skin with moisture for up to 72 hours.

I proudly took an Instagram photo and said I couldn’t wait to try it. But I was very sorely disappointed. I used this onto a completely cleansed face. I had no make up on or any other skincare products at all. Firstly back to the packaging it has a pump to dispense the product. I used two pumps onto the back of my hand and I noticed the smell straight away, It really smelt strong which I would compare it to the Nivea Mens Post Shave Balm which I was not expecting at all and really didn’t like.

I really did like the texture while applying as it felt like a serum which I really prefer over creamy moisturisers. Once I applied this to my face it started to sting very quickly and made my skin very red. Although I do have sensitive skin I was expecting this to really suit me as Aloe is very soothing and repairing. Even though it did sting it was my first use so I wanted to give it a fair go so I left it on my skin to sink in…and it didn’t.

One of my hates is anything that sits on top of the skin. I left it for up to an hour and it still felt slightly sticky and tacky which is far too long in my opinion. I was honestly really disappointed! I did use it again a couple of days later, with one pump and applied it very thinly just to see if that was the issue the first time but the same thing happened, although as there was less product it did sink in quicker, but still not very well. I then tried this a third time and decided it really wasn’t for me.

After the third attempt I decided to look online at the reviews to see what other people thought and the reviews were very good, it was really hard to find a bad one, so difficult I actually had to filter the reviews to find the small minority of bad ones. I also checked the ingredients to see if there was anything that would stand out and I was shocked to see that the fourth ingredient was alcohol. Alcohol can be bad for skin especially on the face as it is extremely drying and harsh. I thought this was such a shame but I should have checked before I purchased. Although I have other skincare with high alcohol content which does not make my skin react like this product did.

I’m absolutely sure this product is really good for many other people with different skin types as the reviews speak for themselves but its not something I would recommend.

Have you tried this and how did you find it?


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