Testing Teagime The Custom Blended Teatox*

Ok so you either love tea or coffee? Or neither? But I love both. I’ve always been a tea person and in more recent years have developed a love of coffee.

I’m so used to having two or three (or more) coffees at work to keep me going, milky, two sugars and I have been trying to cut down for a while which was perfect timing to be given the opportunity to try Teagime.

Teagime is a custom blended detox programme that does not contain any laxatives which of course is good news and is 100% natural.

Its super easy to sign up via the website. You create the Teagime to suit you based on your needs and concerns, which is identified in a survey on the Teagime website. They can be anything from wanting more energy, weight loss or stronger hair skin and nails. There is also a basic health section and a preference on which flavours you can choose.

Once your survey is filled out you are ready to complete your order which consists of 3 teas for morning, afternoon and evening. Mine came in a box including 3 packs of tea and 2 tea infusers.

My Teagime consisted of:

Morning – Strawberry fields forever Increase metabolism, Eliminate toxins, Boost energy

Afternoon – Cocoa cheer Curb cravings, Burn Fat, Improve circulation

Evening – The light Fantastic Aids digestion, Clears skin, Reduces stress

The idea is to have one of each per day everyday in the morning afternoon and evening for 14 days. You insert the loose tea in the infuser and place in a mug of boiling water. The suggested amount of time is 3-5 minutes but for a stronger flavour I like to leave it at least 10. The flavour of the tea’s for me were great as really I liked all three. Id probably say the evening tea is the one I preferred the most. I’ve got to admit I did struggle to stick to the 3 a day everyday. I always found the morning and evening tea easy to remember, but if I was having a busy day id some times slip on the afternoon tea.

The benefits? I can agree with some more than others for obvious reasons. I definitely agree with the curb cravings, boosting of energy and reducing stress which was what my tea was specified to do. I found myself more active in the morning and stopping myself from snacking in the afternoon, also with the evening tea I did feel like it did a very good job at destressing. Although the 3 packages should be a 14 day supply mine have lasted nearly 4 weeks.

In summary I really liked using this tea, its a very unique way to keep yourself hydrated with a completely natural product and health benefits. I also love the packaging! With the infusers I did appreciate getting two, but I do think either one or three makes more sense as you get 3 sachets. I do feel like the regime was a little difficult to stick to everyday if you have a busy lifestyle. With the price if it had of lasted only two weeks would have been a little too much for me. But as you get so much more for the £29.99 price it is definitely worth it.

If your looking to sign up search @teagime on Instagram and Twitter.

Have you tried it yet?


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