As you can see, Anatomicals are a quirky and unique brand of skin care. I’ve known about them for a little while now, and have previously tried a couple of their items before that I purchased (and LOVED) through ASOS.

Safe to say I was super excited to have the opportunity to try a few more of their products. Their packaging is really bright and fun and they have the funniest names and descriptions.

Let’s have a look at what I got

We never forget a face – Memorably good cleansing pads with glycolic acid: I seem to see a lot of products with glycolic acid in at the moment, It’s used to help remove the top layer of skin making it brighter and more even. Which is definitely what I need at the moment. My skin is usually irritated very easily so honestly I was a little worried about these, but they are amazing. They work really well and leave my face cleansed and refreshed. I tend to use them more at night than in the morning as I’m quite simple with morning skin care. The packaging is great too as it has a screw top lid AND a cap on top to make sure that none of the moisture is lost once opened.

Fancy a hot chocolate – Cocoa infused shower gel: OK firstly, this smells SO good, it is more like a cocoa scent than actual chocolate and isn’t overpowering at all. It’s very soft on the skin and non irritating, and lathers really well. The size is also perfect for travel at 100 ml.

No old bags allowed – Eye Gel: I’ve been using this pretty much everyday and I’ve got to say it definitely works. The product is a clear liquid which is very light and easy to apply and because it’s a very fine gel a little bit goes a long way. It soothes and tightens the area where applied, and I think the results have gotten better over the time that I have used it. Also it’s great under makeup as it leaves no residue and sinks in really quickly.

For a less callus world – Softening eucalyptus foot cream: I’ve got to be honest foot cream isn’t usually first on my list of things to buy or something I use very often. But I did recently make a trip to Rome where I was NON STOP walking for four days. I was so glad when I came home to this, I used it 4-5 nights after coming back and it really helped to get my feet back to normal. A 30 ml lifesaver.

The buff stuff – Citrus body scrub: Fruity and fresh scented shower gels and scrubs are my faves, so this was perfect for me. I have been using it 2-3 times a week, to keep my skin soft and smooth and it has really worked. The scent is so fruity but not too strong. I would probably describe it as a sugary grapefruit scent. It is lasting really well as you don’t need to use too much to get a good result.

I definitely can’t wait to try even more of the range, as I said earlier you can purchase from ASOS but you can see the whole range here.

Have you tried them? Is there anything else that else should I try from the brand?


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