Giving blood – My Experience

Soooo bit of a different post I know. But thought I’d share my thoughts and experience of giving blood.

It’s something I did earlier this year for the first time. One of my many (mostly failed) New Years resolutions for 2016 was to do more for charity or to benefit others. I’d always have the same resolutions but a couple I actually did in 2015 so decided to do something different.

Anyyyyyhow in 2016 I did try and start doing more good for others. I did make and effort to give more to charity’s but found it hard to find other things that I could do. It was when I came across the facebook page NHS Blood donation and read a story about a blood transplant and how it had affected some ones life straight away I just decided to do it.

I signed up on There is so much information on who can give blood and what to expect when donating.

I won’t give you the information here as I would hate to misinform anyone so the information is in the links above. Once I had signed up I searched for the local places where donations could take place on the website and there was a place about 15 minutes walk from my house. You do have to book appointments but they do accommodate for people who work during the ‘normal’ working hours with late slots. I think mine was around 6.45 but they also did later. It took me a little while to book in but once I did I got a reminder by text the day before, and then on the day of donation with some tips on how to look after your self which you can see online.

Attending the appointment was actually quite a nice experience. I hate needles so was nervous but seeing so many people doing something good made a really nice atmosphere.

  • As it was my first time giving blood I had to fill out a form with some general health questions and questions about travelling and my lifestyle etc.
  • After waiting around 15 minutes and topping up on fluids as advised to do so I was called over to check my blood.
  • A finger prick test was done and they went over my form to check all of the information was correct. The finger test was to check I was able to give blood. It confirms if you have enough iron in your blood. I was a bit worried I wouldn’t be able to at this point as my mum had suffered with anemia but luckily I was fine. This took about 10 minutes in all.
  • Once checked over I waited for a chair to be seated and start the donation process. I had to wait about another five minutes and was then moved over to a chair.
  • When I was moved over I was seen by a nurse. She asked me some general questions and made sure I was ok to go for it! She said there would be a sharp scratch and then inserted a needle in my arm. It was attatched to a bag where the blood would be transferred. This was placed in a tray at the side of me.
  • The blood giving process took 15 minutes maximum in total. Nurses were walking round to make sure everyone was ok. It didn’t feel uncomfortable at all I did feel slightly lightheaded during but I put that down to a long day at work and being tired as well as giving blood.
  • Once I had completed my donation I was checked over and asked to move over to the tea and biscuit area. I would say at this point I did feel a bit faint but not unwell. Once your done you can stay or leave although they recommend having a drink and a something to eat which is provided.
  • I stayed around 10 minutes as I was alone and walking home, once I’d had a drink I felt much better. They give you some after care information to make sure if you have any abnormalatlities after you know what to look out for and  what to do.
  • I was completely fine no side affects at all.

I received a letter around 10 days after donating, thanking me for my donation and advising of my blood group. I also got my  donor card and key ring.

The best part for me was receiving a text to let me know that my blood had been sent to a hospital. It made the whole thing feel so worth while.

I’ve had a letter since also confirming I can donate again as there are rules as to how often you can donate to make sure you are safe. I will 100% be donating again. It’s so good to give something money can’t buy ❤️

Hope this has been informative! If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to answer them X



  1. October 20, 2016 / 7:22 pm

    Okay this definitely makes me want to donate blood! I’m Diabetic so not sure whether I’m allowed to or not but I’ll click on the link you gave and have a look. Receiving a text saying your blood has been sent to a hospital must have made you feel so good – it made me happy just reading it here!

    Melissa x

    • October 20, 2016 / 7:35 pm

      Ahh I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! It was so good to know I wasn’t expecting to hear anything so it was a nice surprise. Thank you for reading ☺️ X

  2. February 21, 2017 / 7:52 pm

    Giving blood is a great thing to do. I try to do it every chance I get. However I am pregnant right now so I can’t give blood until after I have my baby. Also, we are the same blood type! That is cool!

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